Who Are We ?

at flame, we serve ancient recipes from a contemporary kitchen with some of our own designs. think osso buco with sundried prunes on flame+ design marble plates, grilled sweetbreads drizzled on gravel-stone with clementine and microgreens, 48 hour lamb shank slow cooked with almonds and currants with lamb jus&brandy cocktail. meze platters are influenced by the anatolian greeks, the circassians, the syriacs and the turks.

we try to create a table of peace in time travel. the cocktails are inspired by recipes from the ottoman palace and turkish raki cuisine including our house-made syrups and sherbets. the hitites (2000-3000 bc) were the first wine producers in the world.

at flame we serve a special wine from a decanter we designed (designed by flame+ in the hittite style), accompanying to a 4000 years old kizzu watna (south hittite) recipe.

we came to canada from istanbul in 2017 and opened our restaurant the following year. since 2020, we have been selected as “the best turkish restaurant in toronto” for three years in a row. the restaurant and grill is on the main floor, a beautiful rooftop patio where we also organize private events and parties. we chose the bloor west village because it reminds us of home, and we love our adopted neighbourhood. we really feel we have become part of the bloor west community.

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